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Thank you to the r/RedditSessions community for inspiring me to capture this moment. Fort DuPont was the perfect location for this little improv session. Also, a special thanks to Sara and Mahkye for coming out to help film this session!

Below are a few videos that can tell you more about Fort DuPont

Khayden Live

At Fort DuPont

Thanks for joining me for this improv set! Be sure to follow me @KhaydenArts and checkout my latest project, “The Sax Tapes, Vol. 1” on all major streaming platforms. 


Songs featured in this improv session:


Doves - SYNC.EXE, Grisp, Otis Ubaka, Illya Lukyanov

Sentimental - Solrakmi, Simber


Camberwell - FloFilz, Alfa Mist

Danon’s Strings - Chill Select, Kiabits, Lil Juice


Blue Domicile - Titus Martinu


It Can Do - Moka Only

Overview - Chill Select, Parental, Alcynoos


Click here to see the Spotify playlist that inspired this improv session.

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